Good afternoon everyone! Today, I truly have a treat for you, as today, I finally figured out the system behind synthesizing Erenor, and the experience that an item grants. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Also, thank you to MaTT for helping me out with everything, although much of this was my own scouring and investigation.

Synthesizing Erenor Equipment

The Experience Values

As mentioned in my article about Erenor Gear, the way in which you progress your Erenor item is in a process that is alike that of the synthesizing of cloaks. Instead of synthesizing stones though, you just throw items at Erenor items.

It is important to note that these experience values are static, and are like this for every single grade. So, for example, if you synthesize a Grand Ayanad Katana into a Grand Erenor item, you will recieve 2,250 experience, and if you synthesize a Mythic Ayanad Katana into a Mythic Erenor item, you will also receive 2,250 experience in that Mythic item.

No free Mythics for the whales. Sorry guys! 🙁

Experience Values per Grade

GradeExperience Needed until the Next Grade (Or 100%)

Crafted Items

TierExperience Recieved

Obsidian Items

TierExperience Recieved
Tier 1143
Tier 2163
Tier 3370
Tier 4418
Tier 5745

Dungeon Items

Level 30 Dungeons

Dungeons such as Hadir Farm and Burning Castle count in this category. These items give 33 experience upon synthesizing them. 

Level 45 Dungeons

Dungeons such as Krolal’s Cradle count in this category. These items give 43 experience upon synthesizing them. 

Greater Howling Abyss (GHA)

These items give 63 experience upon synthesizing them. 


TierExperience Recieved
Tier 1118
Tier 2133
Tier 3138
Tier 4155


TierExperience Recieved
Tier 183
Tier 283
Tier 383

Items from Dahuta

Items from Dahuta gives 88 experience upon synthesizing them. 



TierExperience Recieved
Tier 165
Tier 268
Tier 370

Honor Shop Items

An item bought with honor gives 78 experience upon synthesizing it. 

Synthesizing Strategies and their Costs

As you can begin to gather from these values, the costs behind obtaining a decent Erenor item (Let’s say, Divine grade), are enormous. In fact, the first Divine Erenor weapon on Korea took a whopping 1.4 million gold to achieve! And that is without taking into account the crafting costs, which are small compared to the Synthesizing costs.

In this section, I’ll cover some basic ways to progress your Erenor gear in the most efficient way. Please keep in mind that this does not take into account the supply of items, as that supply will obviously fluctuate and we cannot predict how that will occur. 

The price to craft an Erenor weapon is currently about 100,000 gold, but on the launch of 3.5, it will be much, much more.

Also, please keep in mind that the costs being calculated are for weapons ONLY. Also, keep in mind that the prices being used here are from post-3.5 Korea. 

Basic to Grand

The strategy at this stage is quite simple. By this point, you have crafted your Erenor item. Excited? You should be, but this is where the hard part begins.

At Basic, the most optimal way is to just buy Basic Apprentice’s items from an Armor Merchant. Below is a screenshot of such an interaction.

Each item costs 5.78 Gold, and synthesizing two of those grants 40 experience for your Basic Erenor item, as is shown below.

Since you need 2,871 experience to from Basic to Grand, you will need a total of 144 weapons. The price of all these purchases comes out to be a grand total of 832 gold. Not bad for one grade.

Essentially, this is more efficient and less time consuming (As well as fund-consuming) than anything else out there.

Grand to Heroic

The hard part begins! You’ll need a lot more than just Basic Apprentice’s items for this part. Let’s look at the experience table. 4,291+5,957+7,862=18,110 total experience. That is how much experience you will need to Heroic, where things will get much harder.

So how do we do this? Of course, you could just chuck Ayanads at it, and call it a day. Only a little over 8 Ayanads needed for that. But that’s not efficient, is it now?

What one player did on Korea was horde Mistsong weapons. That being said, this might be a bit hard. But let’s take a look at what he did anyway.

To go from Grand to Rare, he used 38 Mistsong weapons; from Rare to Arcane, he used 52 weapons; from Arcane to Heroic, 68. From what I know, he mostly bought the weapons off of the auction house, but of course, you can grind for them. But, I don’t recommend this method. Instead, I recommend getting Magnificent weapons, which give 310 experience. Magnificent weapons, currently, go for around 400-550 gold at the grade that we need them. They go for around that price on Korea as well. So let’s see how many we need.

For Grand to Rare, 14 items; from Rare to Arcane, 20 items; from Arcane to Heroic, 26 items. That is much less expensive if you are buying everything with gold, as Mistsong weapons go for just about that price, 400 gold. In total, if we take an average cost of 450 gold per item, this will only cost 27,000 gold, which is actually a lot less than most Koreans got their Heroic Erenor items for.

Heroic to Celestial

Getting even harder now. Heroic and above weapons will obviously have a much smaller supply due to how crafting will work in 3.5 (As well as how it works now). For the experience required, we have 11,151+14,940=26091. This is quite a lot, so let’s think of how we can do this.

With dungeon items more or less out of the picture due to how many it will take to level up even one grade, let’s focus on crafted and Obsidian items. It is important to note that Boss Drops have not yet been tested for experience. 

Obsidian is kind of dumb to consider, as there is no reason to have Heroic and Unique T3 and T4s, and even if we did, they would still not grant as much experience as an Epherium weapon. So let’s only use crafted items for this section.

Epherium gives 693 experience and Delphinad gives 1,118 experience.

From Heroic to Unique, you will need about 16 Epherium items. A tiny bit more, but let’s imagine that you can get some sort of bad weapons to level it up further. Now, Epherium items are 1,400 to 1,500 gold, so 1,450*16= 23,200 gold. Let’s call it 23,500 gold, and say that that extra 300 gold comes from the bad weapons. With Delphinad items, which cost about 4,000-5,000 gold on Korea, it would take about 10 weapons, so 10*4,500= 45,000 gold. Not worth it!

So, we achieved Unique for 23,500 gold from Heroic. On to Unique to Celestial. For this stage, we need Unique items. Let’s only take Epherium items into account at first. Epherium items, at Unique, will, let us assume, cost 1,550 gold. Because you need about 21.5 items to level up to Celestial, we will use 22 items here. 22*1,550= 34,100 gold. 

But, let us look at the situation in a more realistic view, and let’s assume that we do not have a large supply of Epheriums. So, for two-thirds of the experience, we will use Unique Delphinad items. So, for 9,960 experience, we will use only Delphinad items. That will take about 9 Delphinad items. Let us add an Epherium item to that, in order to actually be able to synthesize. So, with 9 Delphinads and 1 Epherium item, we are receiving 10,653 experience out of 14,940 experience. 4,287 left for Epherium items. That means that we will have to use about 8 Epherium items, which gives us a little bit of extra experience at Celestial (I’ll take that into account later). So, in total, we are using 9 Delphinads and 9 Epheriums. With our prices of 4,500 gold per Unique Delphinad and 1,550 per Unique Epherium, we get 9*1,550 + 9*4,500 = 54,450 gold. So from Unique to Celestial, you need about 54,450 gold.

In total, from Heroic to Celestial, we used 54,450 + 23,500 = 77,950 gold, or in the less realistic version, 23,500 + 34,100 = 57,600 gold. 

It’s not horrible, but is obviously expensive, taking into account that the weapon at Celestial is slightly better than a Divine T7. So, we must keep going to at least reach Divine to make it at least somewhat effective.

To Divine and Beyond

Celestial to Divine

Let’s keep going!

Obviously, we’ll start off with getting the item from Celestial to Divine. We are starting with 1,247 experience already due to some experience carrying over from the previous stage. That means that for Divine, we need 19,214-1,247 = 17,967 experience. So what do we do here? Celestial Epheriums are out of the picture, as nobody really has or needs Celestial Epheriums. That being said, Celestial Delphinads are still sold, and obviously, so are Celestial Ayanads. But is it even worth it to throw Celestial Ayanads at your Erenor weapon? Let’s compare.

To advance to Divine using only Celestial Delphinad items, we need about 16 Delphinads. It’s a little more to be honest, but we can take than into account later. So, with Celestial Delphinads being about 4,750 gold per, 4,750*16 = 76,000 gold. 

Let us now use Ayanads. On Korea, Celestial Ayanads are currently worth around 14,000 to 15,000 gold. We’ll use 14,500 as our point of reference. 8 Ayanads are required to go from Celestial to Divine, which gets us 8*14,500 = 116,000 gold. Pretty large monetary difference there, so obviously not worth it.

But we are once again posed with the problem of supply versus demand, and obviously, there will not be enough Celestial Delphinads on the market to make it a reality of using only Delphinad items to go from Celestial to Divine. So, as a more realistic example, let us use only 8 Celestial Delphinads, half of the amount that is required. That means that once we use those 8 Delphinads, we still have 9,023 experience to go. That experience will have to be from Ayanads. 4 Ayanads are required for that.

So, the grand total comes out to be 8*4,750 + 4*14,500 = 96,000 gold. Not too bad, considering that one player claimed it took him 1.4 million gold to get to Divine. But, I digress. Let’s keep calculating away.

Divine to Epic

Time to get into the hundreds of thousands in terms of costs. This is where the boundary currently stands between a very hardcore player and a true credit card warrior.

Divine Delphinads are a thing of the past in 3.5, but because there will be a small but limited number available in 3.5, let us say that we will use 4. On Korea, they are sold for anywhere between 7,000 to 9,000 gold. We’ll take 8,000 as our price. 8,000*4 = 24,000 gold. Sadly, with us needing a total of 25,643 experience, that will only cover 4,472 experience, which leaves us with 21,171 to go. Due to having to use two weapons at a time, we will have to use 10 Divine Ayanads in this case, which gives us 1,329 experience once we’re over to Epic. Divine Ayanads range from 16,000 to 20,000 gold in terms of price, and generally sell for around 18,000 gold (That might be an underestimate). So, 18,000*10 = 180,000 gold. In total, that means that you will have to pay around 180,000 + 24,000 = 204,000 gold. That’s an Epic Erenor weapon for you.

Lastly, I’ll consider Epic to Legendary, as Legendary and onward is unrealistic, due to the limited supply of Legendary weapons in general, let alone Mythic weapons.

An Epic Ayanad weapon can go for anywhere between 33,000 to 40,000 gold in Korea. Let’s set that at 35,000 for our price point. 34,816 is required for Epic, but we already have 1,329 experience in there, so 33,487 experience is required. With Epic Ayanads giving 2,250 experience per, we get that we need around 14.8 weapons to go up, so that turns out to be 16 Epic Ayanads. 16*35,000=560,000 gold. Yes, that is a massive price difference between Epic and Legendary. Is it worth it? Probably not.

Let’s Just Craft and Throw Items Method

There’s always the method of doing everything yourself. I won’t include the price estimates for this, but I will include the required number of items. Thank you to Foxeh for pointing this out!

Below is a table of the raw amount of weapons needed to get to Divine.

Item TierNumber Needed

This method, obviously, is not rational.

Closing Up

So, what we found out so far is just how bad the Erenor synthesizing system is thus far. That being said, I will talk about some improvements that XL will be implementing in April within the next section, so keep reading.

There may be some better paths that you can take. These have been just rough estimates, and remember that they are in ideal situations. In reality, these costs are higher, maybe much higher.

In terms of total gold, I’ve summed it all up below.

Desired GradeIdeal Amount of Gold Needed (Total)
Mythic and PrimordialNo one knows

Problems, and Redesign

Obviously, with these kinds of costs even for a Celestial item, it doesn’t seem worth it. With players spending hundreds of thousands of gold on items that are worse than counterparts for around 100,000 gold just doesn’t make sense. The fact that everyone who made Erenor is now saying that it’s not worth it is also very discouraging to future players.

But don’t despair! Remember that this is only on the Korean server! XL has recognized this, and has promised to tone the system down. They have said that they will probably decrease the experience required (I don’t know if total or per level) by two to three times. I won’t go into detail on this just yet, but it will be mentioned in an article soon, so keep your eyes out for that!


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  1. Sinbad

    I will just stick with Epic obsidian i think ereonor is just madness really i dont give a damn about erenor or 50-100 attack difference and getting 300-500 even 1million gold is DREAM for players who playing normally or players who has normal life and money in their pocket this system for stupids or trillioners,
    hope for obsidian T8 if not f**k the archeage for real.

    • Mark

      The earliest Obsidian T8 is coming is January 2019. XL has announced that they have no current plans for it.

  2. MysticWizard

    “The price to craft an Erenor weapon is currently about 100,000 gold, but on the launch of 3.5, it will be much, much more.”

    So Besides needing an devine ayanad worth 25K you need another 100.000 gold just to convert it to erenor? Holy moly where is a casual player like myself ever gonna get that kind of gold :O

    • Mark

      It’s because of the supply of mats vs their demand. Demand will be high, supply will be low.

  3. Percy

    Awesome post Mark, never could figure this stuff out. Hopefully XL is going to bump up the XP amounts because… That’s a lot of gold ;-;
    I was hoping it’d be in the database file for AA but I could never find the decrypt key for it.
    Thanks for the post 🙂

  4. Tobi

    Can you use any of the listed items at any grad for any erenor item at any grade (i.e. chuck green epherium/whatever items into your heroic erenor item)?

      • Mark

        Hi Yasu.

        Let’s get a couple things straight. First off, I was the one who linked that video to NA players. I am well aware of the XP values. It is same or higher, yes. He uses Celestial+ because Svch is a massive Russian whale, and as such, is lazy.

        Also, the experience values match 100% of my values. Just look at my Erenor Master Sheet (Which is in another article). You will find that it has the latest experience values.

  5. Majokaner

    just one information i’m interested in currently (maybe i missed it):
    does a 1H erenor sword require swords to be fed to or is it any 1H weapon?

  6. OrganicLube

    Is it just me or is this information being removed from the official forums?

    • Mark

      It is, although I’m in talks with Celestrata as to why it happened…

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  7. George NoX

    Sufice it to say that my dream of ever having Erenor has now been crushed. Those gold amounts are simply insane. I would have to play AA for over ten years to get all that gold the way i play lol. I will stick to my obsidian looks like, thanx

    • Mark

      Like I said, it will be nerfed, at least 2-3 times what the current values are. Also, this is for Korea only. It might be changed for NA.

  8. Roh

    For 2hand weapon, do I have to use 2h weapon to synthesize or will a 1h weapon be ok

  9. Jehovah

    Hello, I have one question.
    Two handers will need two handers, bows need bows, one handers will need one handers… Or… doesn’t matter, all weapons can be use ?
    Cause for 2H, it will be difficult to found 2H for Synthesizing…

  10. Dany

    Hey Mark, thanks for all the info!
    Q: Do Erenor weapons increase stats as you feed XP (like Capes/Costumes)or only when it reaches the next grade? In other words are the stats the same for a Divine Erenor 0% and Divine Erenor 99%?
    Thanks mate!

    • Mark

      They can be the same, or they can increase. It depends on the grade. For example, at Grand, some of the stats won’t change as you increase XP. On the other hand, at Epic, the stats will change as you level up your gear.

  11. Tekila

    Thank you very much for everything you do!
    I have 2 questions:
    1-in every post you mention the “low-tier” of crafted weapons, you don’t mention some of the tiers we have here in NA, those being craftman, artificer, artisan, conqueror; some of those will be removed in 3.5 but still, you don’t even mention them in the pre-3.5 patch posts, so I guess they’ve never existed in the korean version (?)
    2-How changed the price of the crafted weapons after 3.5? In this post you talk about 400-550 for magn, 1400-1500 for eph, 4-5k for delph; our prices are currently a lot cheaper for epherium and delphinad, so that’s the why of my question: buy now or after 3.5.

    • Mark

      1. They are being removed in 3.5. I have mentioned this several times in my Crafting Changes article.

      2. Can’t answer that as I don’t give financial advice. 🙂

      • Tekila

        1. I assume you didn’t read the whole question.

        2. You do give a lot of financial advice in your posts; this could’ve been very helpful, but ok.

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